Visiting Paris

Bonjour! I’ve been in Paris now for two weeks, written home to my family on the back of a Moulin Rouge postcard, and am now updating my readers here on my blog. I don’t love Paris as much as I loved London – the men are pushy, the food is expensive and the streets really do smell funny – but I’ve picked up a few French words and met some wonderful German girls who I’ve been spending all of my time with!

We walked from one end of the city to the other – we scaled the stairs of Montmartre, visited Montparnasse, ate with artists and drank copious amounts of wine in the Jardin du Luxembourg. The girls I met are actually au pairs which sounds like a fantastic job – imagine looking after children all day and then partying in Pigalle all night!

Whenever they had to leave me, I’d find myself a typical French cafe and sit, reading my book and looking chic. However, if you ever meet a French man, then make sure you know how to say NON. I’ve been approached regularly all week. It’s done wonders for my confidence, but I really don’t want to be scaling the Eiffel Tower with a man who doesn’t know when to shove off.

John has also been texting and calling all week. I picked up accidentally and the German girls and I erupted into laughter when he said he thought I was still in London! Like I said, I’m out of there as soon as I meet someone I like!

So, this week I’ve visited;

  • Le Palais Royal – stunning French architecture at it’s finest. Too bad I met the German girls here and spent more time laughing with tears pouring down my face, not noticing the architecture. What a great night!
  • The Louvre – so cultured, but there are far too many tourists in this area of Paris!
  • The Eiffel Tower – I don’t like heights very much so I kept my feet firmly placed on the ground. But, staring up into the sky, I can only imagine the beautiful view!
  • Arc de Triomphe and Champs-Elysees – I spent a lot of time avoiding tourists but the grandeur of these places took my breath away.
  • Finally, I discovered a slightly less touristy area and headed to a place surrounded by hipsters – KB Cafe. Here, I heard mainly English being spoken which was nice after a week of a lot of French and German!

Au revoir my readers, I’ll speak to you soon! I’m leaving Paris from the Gare du Nord and heading to Prague next, wish me luck!

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